Who we are?

Atlanse Portugal started on May of 2017 delivering projects from Portugal to European markets, through talented and multicultural people, reducing customers time-to-market and saving their money.

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Our mission

Create outstanding technological solutions that can transform customers business and life.


Our vision

Be the reference technological partner, creating value, innovation and sustainability in global market context.

> 20

Atlanse Portugal has now more than 20 projects in six different Europe countries.

> 100%

Since May 2017 our company has grown more than 100% in revenue and staff.

30 years

Staff average age, all with graduation and fluency in english, french and spanish.


Meet our team

Conceição Fernandes


Diana Mendes

UX/UI Designer

José Oliveira

Software Engineer

Bruno Arieira

Software Engineer

Duarte Vaz

Co-Founder and CEO

Duarte Mota

Software Engineer

André Carvalho

Software Engineer

Henrique Faria

Tech Lead

Marco Sampaio

Junior Software Engineer

César Cachulo

Software Engineer

Joana Gonçalves

Software Engineer

Renato Amorim

Software Engineer

Pedro Araújo

Software Engineer

Mauro Castro

Software Developer

Diogo Brito

Tech Lead

Pedro Martins

Software Engineer

Inês Alves


Joel Pinho



Our values

We born global and is where we like to be.

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We believe that develop talent, will lead us to sustainable growth.

We challenge ourselves beyond limits, is the one way path to innovate.

We love technology, but the reason for our existence are the people.

We always keep good relationships and honor our compromises.

We celebrate together our projects or each other birthdays.

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